Ruhi training institute program

The Ruhi training institute conducts courses and educational programs for diverse age groups, from the tender age of five to adulthood. Its main sequence of courses is intended to systematically build capacity in individuals and communities to serve humanity. It is concerned with spiritual and moral empowerment through the development and acquisition of various spiritual insights, skills, qualities, attitudes, and knowledge that set an individual ‘on a path being defined by the accumulating experience of the community’ as it learns to apply the teachings of the Baha’i Faith to the transformation of society.

Additionally, in contributing to this learning process, the Ruhi training institute carries out action and research efforts to develop its courses and educational programs.

The training institute is coordinated through the global Baha’i community in over 190 countries. There are three educational programs:

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Children’s spiritual education program (ages 5-11)

The Children’s spiritual education program is a year-round curriculum focusing on moral and spiritual development. Emphasis is placed on nurturing spiritual qualities and beliefs, habits and patterns of conduct that constitute the essential attributes of a spiritual being. Examples of these include prayer and a love of God, and the fostering of spiritual qualities like honesty, generosity, and trustworthiness. It is currently compromised of 6 grades of lessons teaching these themes through:

  • Memorization
  • Story Telling
  • Drama
  • Drawing
  • Songs

Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program (ages 11-15)

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program offers a setting in which young people can come together to discuss ideas and form a strong moral identity. The educational materials used in the program help support this process. These materials are concerned with developing language skills and the power of expression while also addressing mathematical concepts and social issues. At the same time, they help to prepare young people to approach the investigation of physical, social and spiritual reality in a scientific manner and help participants to take active ownership of the development of their local communities. Key capacities which are developed include:

  • Forming moral identity
  • Enhancing language skills and the power of expression
  • Sharpening spiritual perception
  • Building the ability to recognise the constructive and destructive forces in their community
  • Building the capacity to recognise how these forces are influencing them, and
  • Building the capacity to make decisions to improve their communities based on this knowledge.

Main Sequence of Courses (ages 15+)

The main sequence of courses is designed for youth and adults. They are intended to be used to build capacity in individuals for service to their communities. Currently comprised of 14 books, they are arranged in three cycles. Books 1 to 7 form the first cycle and are centred on the individual who undertakes acts of service within the framework of the teachings of the Baha’i Faith. These acts of service include the hosting of meetings for collective worship, the running of spiritual education classes for children, the facilitation of spiritual empowerment groups for junior youth and the tutoring of the main sequence courses in various formal and informal settings. The remaining books begin two cycles of courses dedicated to the individual and the community and the individual and society.